‘President Trump’ would say Putin is Europe’s problem – US analyst

Donald Trump

Dr. Paul Sracic of Youngstown State University in Ohio, who took part in a teleconference discussion on US presidential election organized by the US Embassy in Vilnius, said that Trump’s foreign policy is based on the slogan that America cannot continue to be the world’s police.

“I don’t think he [Trump] would want to turn away from the Baltic countries, but he would possibly say Putin is Europe’s problem, not America’s,” Dr. Sracic said when asked about Washington’s foreign policy in the event of Trump’s victory.

Real estate tycoon Donald Trump has claimed most victories in Republican presidential primaries and is a breakaway leader in the race for the party’s nomination to be announced in July.

US presidential election will be held this November.

Dr. Sracic, who analyses US elections, also noted that while the president of the United States has extensive powers, the Congress also plays an important role in shaping the country’s foreign policies.

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