Release of draftee lists hit by technical hiccup

Due to an error, the draft list which was compiled on 7 January omitted conscripts whose data is administered by Ignalina and Šalčininkai military conscription units. As a result, the Ministry of National Defence called an urgent meeting of the draft commission and public observers who decided to amend only the draft list of Vilnius region rather than the whole draft list for 2016.

The lists will be released on Monday afternoon despite the error, according to Volunteer Force commander Colonel Arturas Jasinskas.

Some 3,000 people will be called for a 9-month military training this year.

The lists were compiled last week by computer software and observed by ten members of the public. The list consists of over 30,000 young men aged between 19 and 26, selected from a pool of 100,000.

All those who were selected will receive notifications by mail, calling them to report for medical check-ups. Those deemed suitable for the service will start training in April.

The first group to undergo medical check-ups will consist of volunteers. About 600 people have expressed their will to serve in the military. Last year, volunteers made up most of the 3,000 draftees.

Update. The list of 30,228 potential draftees was released on Monday afternoon and is accessible at

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