Russia calls off tightened border checks of Lithuanian trucks

Trucks at the Lithuanian-Belorussian border
DELFI / Mindaugas Ažušilis

“As the things are now, those checks are not being performed now. They were stopped at some point after the New Year. I know officially that some haulers, some of our partners – customs agents in Russia confirmed directly on Mar. 5 that the computer system no longer showed any risks,” Mečislavas Atroškevičius told BNS.

Since last August, when Russia imposed import restrictions, freight volumes transported by the Lithuanian haulers to Russia had fallen by approximately 30 percent and it was still unclear whether that market share could be regained before the recovery of Russia’s economy, he said.

Linava, the national haulers’ association, said earlier this week that Lithuania’s haulers suffered more than 200 million euros in losses due to Russia’s import restrictions and additional 20 million euros due to waiting periods in the past four months.

The Russian customs office last November instructed its officers to step up checks of commercial and passenger vehicles from Lithuania.

Moreover, last August, Moscow imposed a one-year ban on the imports of farm and food products from the EU, the United States and other Western countries.

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