Trucks at the Lithuanian-Belorussian border

Russia calls off tightened border checks of Lithuanian trucks

Russia has called off tightened border checks of Lithuanian trucks, which were introduced about four months ago, president of the Lithuanian Association of Small and Medium-Sized Haulers, has said. […]


Lithuanian trucks avoid going to Russia

The situation at the Russian border remains virtually unchanged as trucks from Lithuania continue to be subjected to thorough checks, Algimantas Kondrusevičius, president of the national haulers’ association Linava, said on Monday, adding that the flow of Lithuanian trucks to Russia has declined sharply over the past week. […]


Russia’s customs measures could shave off up to 4 percent of Lithuania’s GDP

Lithuania’s gross domestic product could fall by four percent if all exports to Russia came to a halt and some of logistic companies went bankrupt, Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius said on Thursday, adding that the likelihood of the worst-case scenario is low. […]

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Russia denies entry for Lithuanian goods

After Russia banned food imports from the EU, trucks with cargo which had left for Moscow before the ban were told to return to Lithuania. This was reported on Saturday by Lithuanian road carriers association Linava. […]