Ryanair threatens legal action against Lithuanian websites

DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

Some travel agencies are selling the low cost airline‘s tickets in specially created websites without permission.

If one opens websites skrydziai-ryanair.lt, ryanair-skrydziai.lt or ryanairbilietai.lt, there may be an impression that these are the company’s official portals. They not only sell tickets, but also provide all relevant information in Lithuanian.

However, in reality these pages are controlled by Lithuanian travel agencies. After buying the ticket, the money goes directly into their account and then the tickets are bought from Ryanair.

“Our lawyers are now analysing these activities, because we have no commercial contracts with these websites,” Ryanair spokeswoman Arūnė Jaraitė said.

According to company spokesman Jaraitė, Ryanair has taken legal actions in various countries to protect passengers against unauthorized fees when buying tickets from such sites.

The Lithuanian sites are mostly used by those Lithuanians who do not have credit cards or for whom the official Ryanair website too complicated. The official Ryanair website has only recently been translated into the Lithuanian language.


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