Seimas ratifies agreement on establishing Lithuania-Poland-Ukraine Brigade

Lithuanian soldiers during training
I.Budzeikaitės nuotr.

Minister of National Defence Juozas Olekas has said that the brigade is being established for purposes of training, sharing experience, holding joint exercises and, if there is a unanimous agreement, participation in missions under the United Nation Security Council mandate. The headquarters would be located in Lublin (Poland) and Lithuania would deploy six officers there. Meanwhile battalions attached to the brigade would be stationed in all three countries.

As reported, the creation of the unit would be one of the major military cooperation projects between Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine. It is expected to enhance trilateral relations.

The idea to establish a joint military unit has been in development since 2007. In 2009 the ministers of defence of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine signed a letter of intent on finding LITPOLUKRBRIG. Representatives of the three countries inked the agreement on the establishment of the brigade on 19 September 2014 in Poland.

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