SocDem MPs not allowed by presidium to sign deal with Farmers

Gintautas Paluckas
DELFI / Karolina Pansevič

“That agreement was not discussed today. It will be discussed after a final decision on the coalition has been taken,” LSDP Chairman Gintautas Paluckas told reporters after the presidium’s closed meeting that lasted for more than two hours.

Eight members of the presidium were in favor of discussing the content of the agreement and 25 members were against, the party’s spokeswoman said.

Paluckas said that the agreement, worked out by parliamentarians, could serve as a basis for cooperation with the LFGU if the Social Democrats retreated to the opposition.

The chairman did not comment on whether all three ministers appointed by the LSDP would have to step down if the party’s council decided to pull out of the

Andrius Palionis, head of the LSDP political group in the Seimas, said that he respected the decision to postpone the issue until the council’s meeting.

Paluckas and the majority of the party’s branches are in favor of pulling out, but the Social Democrats’ ministers and MPs want the party to stay in government.

The LSDP presidium is made up of around 50 leading members of the party and the council has five times as many members.

The LFGU political group has 56 members in the 141-seat Seimas and the Social Democrats have 19 seats in the parliament.

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