Opinion: Under-water incursions in Swedish waters and changing landscape of Baltic Sea security

In October, the Swedish Navy, after several years of calm, once again mounted an operation to identify and avert under-water intruders operating in Swedish territorial waters. Media speculated wildly about the reasons why anyone (read Russia) should have a reason to conduct an operation in the Stockholm archipelago; war preparations, infiltrating agents, discourage Sweden joining NATO and several other possible motives were put forward. […]

LNG Terminal vessel "Independence"

Opinion: Lithuania has become EU’s pupil star in energy policy, but…

With the launch of “Independence”, Lithuania’s long-and-hard-fought striving for energy diversity and independence has definitely seen a big boost. But behind the jubilant scene stands the avuncular European Union that has long been encouraging the member states to seek brave solutions in tackling energy security issues. Now time has come for Brussels to rejoice, too – EU energy policies are playing out well in Lithuania. […]