Ash Carter

NATO considering sending extra 4,000 troops to Baltic States – US Defense Secretary

NATO is considering establishing a new rotational ground force in the Baltic States and Poland to deter possible Russian aggression, according to US Defense Secretary Ash Carter. […]

Dalia Grybauskaitė, Angela Merkel

Germany, Lithuania on opposite sides of NATO divide on Russia

The NATO-Russia Council meeting last week did not seem to bring any tangible results, but it was preceded by the usual clash of opposing positions within NATO, one side advocating for engaging in dialogue with Russia and the other sceptical about Russia’s interest in genuine engagement. […]

Images from the Dutch referendum on Ukraine

Opinion: How the Kremlin infiltrated an EU referendum in the Netherlands

The student leaders of 1968 could probably not have imagined how their democratic ideas would be high-jacked by a combination of extremists and opponents of democracy exploiting technological progress and social media. Nobody understands the dangers of technology and social media better than dictators and demagogues. […]

A counter-terrorism police operation in Brussels
European Union

West must separate issue of counter-terrorism and Eastern aggression when it comes to Russia – analysts

In the eyes of much of the West, Russia‘s image has changed from that of an aggressor to that of an important partner in the fight against terror, says Eastern Europe Studies Centre analyst Linas Kojala. […]