Lithuania still hopes for synchronization compromise

A compromise has not been reached yet on the technical execution of the synchronization of the Baltic states’ power networks with Western Europe amid the Baltic states’ plans to sign a political agreement on the project later in June. Representatives of the Lithuanian government hope a compromise will be reached by the end of June. […]

Baltic states' flags
Foreign affairs

Lithuania ranks second after Estonia in ex-Soviet countries’ rating

Lithuania ranks second among post-Soviet countries in US strategic center StrategEast’s Westernization Index 2018. […]

Tricolour raised on the TV Tower

Celebrating March 11: unique Lithuanian patriotism

The Lithuanian people view themselves as patriots, are particularly proud of their forefathers’ land and its rich history, public opinion researchers say. However we have certain unique features which make Lithuanian patriotism unique even compared […]

New conscripts

Reinstating conscription in Lithuania: bringing society back into defence?

In 2015, with the security environment on NATO‘s eastern frontiers deteriorating as a result of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, Lithuania made a rather sudden and dramatic decision to resume the mandatory military draft and thus […]