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Sociologist: Demonising Lithuania’s ethnic minorities is unfair and counter-productive

Russia‘s aggression in Ukraine has exposed Lithuania’s sloppiness in dealing with its own ethnic minorities. Research shows that, amidst media craze about the war in Ukraine, Lithuania’s Russian-speaking citizens get increasingly often depicted as a domestic risk, while their alleged disloyalty to the state is pinpointed as threat to Lithuania’s national security and territorial integrity. […]

Vladimir Putin

How Russia pits Baltic states against one another

Even before it had finished “defending” the rights of Russian compatriots in Ukraine, Moscow spoke about oppression of Russian-speakers in the Baltic states last week, as its Foreign Ministry official demanded that the international community put a stop to alleged russophobia. […]

Šarūnas Birutis

Lithuanian culture minister: National minority law will depend on coalition line-up

If the task force set up by the prime minister fails to find a compromise on the draft National Minority Law prepared by the Culture Ministry, Lithuanian Culture Minister Šarūnas Birutis says its fate will depend on discussions on the line-up of the ruling coalition and the participation of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (LLRA) party in the bloc. […]

Tatar Youth leader Maria Meišutovič

Lithuanian Tatar youth cherishes the past for the future

The historic roots of the current 3200-member Tatar community in Lithuania date back to the 14th century, when the rulers of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania fostered trade with the Mongols’ powerful Golden Horde. The ensuing ages have swept away the Duchy and Horde, but for a tiny group of the merchants’ descendants Lithuania has become their Motherland. To find out more about the ethnical minority, the Lithuania Tribune spoke to Marija Meišutovič, the chairman of Lithuania’s Tatar Youth Community “Duslyk”. […]