No Picture

New TV channel in Estonia to focus on quality Russian-language content

Media experts say the new Russian-language public broadcasting television channel, approved by the Estonian government last week, must win over viewers with quality programming about everyday life in Estonia. […]

Dalia Grybauskaitė

Lithuanian president proposes fines for propagation of war

Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaitė suggests a provision that at least 90 percent of the television programmes rebroadcast in Lithuania should be in the official languages of the European Union, adding that fines should be imposed for instigation of war and infringement upon independence. […]

Kęstutis Girnius

Opinion: Information war – no need for mobilization yet

The heralds of information wars are disconcerted, identify ever more battlefields, call on proper mobilisation. The latest example is the response of Aleksandras Matonis to a report aired on the Russian TV, in which members of the expedition Mission Russia have been referred to as tourists following the traces of the WW II victims and reportedly hoping that in the future joint Russian-Lithuanian groups would be travelling Europe to pay homage to the fallen Soviet soldiers. The leader of the expedition said such hope was actually expressed by the Russian journalist. […]

The Kremlin, Moscow

Opinion: Lies, damned lies and Russian disinformation

The Russian Federation uses extensive propaganda, outright lies, and — most importantly — disinformation as part of the hybrid warfare it is waging against Ukraine and the West. Disinformation combines truth, what people want to be true, and cleverly disguised outright falsehoods. […]