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Lithuanians flood their country with hundreds of rainbow flags as police investigate homophobic arson attacks

In response to a series of seemingly homophobic arson attacks in Vilnius, Lithuania, the Lithuanian LGBT community are importing hundreds of rainbow flags and distributing them for free around the country. Participants in the campaign are defiantly displaying the flags on balconies and in windows, sharing photos with the hashtag #LGBTdraugiškaLietuva (LGBT friendly Lithuania). […]

Linas Pernavas

Lithuanian police won’t tolerate attempts to intimidate officers – police chief

The detention of two men suspected of planning an attack on law-enforcement officials in Klaipėda sends a message that attempts to intimidate officers will not be tolerated, Police Commissioner General Linas Pernavas said on Wednesday. […]

Skvernelis companions' scheme

Skvernelis’ real team: increasingly more companions in important posts

There is nothing wrong to enlist the aid of tried and tested companions after taking a high post. Questions do arise, however, when individuals who recently worked in law enforcement structures and have not passed […]

The Seimas

10 of the Lithuanian Parliament’s most important decisions in 2015

Here are 10 of the most important, controversial or widely discussed Seimas (parliament) decisions made during 2015. This list was compiled by […]