Tautiška giesmė pasklido po pasaulį
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Lithuania’s national anthem live on American television

During its tour around the world, the national anthem of Lithuania was even heard live on Fox News, the American TV channel with viewership of up to 87 million. With the approaching centennial of Lithuania’s independence, the tradition of singing the national anthem all around the world expands geographically each year and acquires ever more daring and interesting forms. […]

Tautiška giesmė pasklido po pasaulį

Historian Nikžentaitis: Singing Lithuania’s national anthem across the globe is good basis for establishing dual citizenship

Lithuania knows the exact day when it became part of Europe. That was on 6 July 1253, when Duke Mindaugas, shortly after having accepted baptism, was crowned by the Pope of Rome the king of still largely pagan lands. The 6 of July is now celebrated as Lithuania’s Statehood Day and although its a holiday of recent vintage (it was not observed before the 1990s), it already involves a tradition. Each 6 July, Lithuanians in the country and abroad join in the singing of the national anthem. […]

Lithuanian leaders sing the national anthem

Kudirka’s National Anthem behests will live forever

For the sixth time in a row, all Lithuanians, in their Homeland and abroad alike, celebrating the Lithuanian King Mindaugas’ coronation every year on 6 July, have coalesced for singing Lithuania’s National Anthem in over 30 countries worldwide. Behind the heart-gripping but simple verses there stands Vincas Kudirka, an outstanding 19-century public activist, publicist, song and satire writer and the author of Lithuania’s national anthem. […]