Nerija Putinaitė

Philosopher Nerija Putinaitė on three Lithuanian Europes

As Lithuania has been a member of a great supranational union for a decade now, Lithuanians are forced to confront the question of their collective identity, says philosopher Nerija Putinaitė. In her new book, “Three Lithuanian Europes: Nation, Europe, the EU in modern identity”, she argues that the question of what it means to be Lithuanian closely relates to visions of Europe. […]

Lithuanian leaders sing the national anthem

Kudirka’s National Anthem behests will live forever

For the sixth time in a row, all Lithuanians, in their Homeland and abroad alike, celebrating the Lithuanian King Mindaugas’ coronation every year on 6 July, have coalesced for singing Lithuania’s National Anthem in over 30 countries worldwide. Behind the heart-gripping but simple verses there stands Vincas Kudirka, an outstanding 19-century public activist, publicist, song and satire writer and the author of Lithuania’s national anthem. […]