Saulius Skvernelis

Political scientists: the topic of Russian relations is the beginning of Skvernelis’ campaign

Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis has not announced his participation in the presidential elections, however his statement that Lithuania should renew relations with Russia leads, according to political scientists, to the conclusion that it is the […]

Audrius Lelkaitis ir Mantas Adomėnas

Bold journalistic experiment with Russian TV propaganda channel left a bitter taste in mouth

The border is crossed by masked men in camouflage uniforms, the first wall of the border gives up without a fight. This is how Ala Davidova, a reporter of the Kremlin-controlled channel NTV, begins her […]

No Picture

More than third of Russians believe Baltics voluntarily joined Soviet Union

A survey by the Levada Center, an analytical centre based in Moscow, has shown that 34% of Russians still believe that Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia joined the Soviet Union willingly in 1940.

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Aleksejus Navalnas

Is Kremlin scared of Alexei Navalny?

A sentence for the Kremlin’s most famous critic Alexei Navalny was pronounced earlier than everyone expected. This might have been done to deflect protests by Navalny’s supporters, who were planning to take to the streets of Moscow in January, but also due to economic pressures, says a Lithuanian political scientist. […]