Blockchain Centre Vilnius CEO Justas Šireika

Blockchain Centre Vilnius to be headed by Justas Šireika

Technology companies from 14 countries around the world, including Australia, China, Canada, Switzerland and others have established partnership with Blockchain Centre Vilnius (BCV), which was founded just a year ago. In an annual event hosted by the centre on January 23, blockchain technology experts from the World Trade Organisation, European Commission and Parliament, as well as Lithuanian institutions gathered to discuss the application of blockchain technology in international trade. During the event, Justas Šireika was introduced: he will be taking charge of the BCV, as well as a new start-up financing fund, according to a Blockchain Centre Vilnius press release. […]

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Politicians‘ fear rather than low technological capacity prevents Lithuania from having electronic voting

“Blockchain movement is not solely a technology, it changes Lithuania‘s economics,” claimed economics and finance analyst Paulius Kunčinas at the conference “The Pillar Unconference 2018“, the biggest blockchain conference in Lithuania’s history, taking place on 16-22 July. In a panel discussion about the future of Lithuania and blockchain, experts asserted that blockchain movement might at least partly solve brain drain issue. Additionally, they claimed that Lithuania does not have electronic voting system due to politicians‘ fear rather than lack of technology, a press release from the conference states. […]