Jaroslaw Kaczynski

What does Poland’s political upheaval mean for Lithuania?

The nationalistic Law and Justice party that recently came into power in Poland has been eyed warily by neighbors and other countries in the EU. Some have been worried about the its moves to tighten its control over the media and constitutional courts, and Lithuanian analysts are also split about what to make of the new political climate. In a show on LRT, several respected political observers discussed the ongoing events in Poland. […]

Rimvydas Valatka

Journalist Rimvydas Valatka to consult Liberal Movement in general elections campaign

Signatory of the Lithuanian Act of Independence, influential political commentator and journalist Rimvydas Valatka will be consulting Lithuania’s Liberal Movement. […]

Rimvydas Valatka

Rimvydas Valatka: Critical journalism has no place in Lithuanian media

Rimvydas Valatka has long been regarded as one of the titans of the Lithuanian media. A long-time chief editor of Lietuvos Rytas, Lithuania’s biggest and most influential daily newspaper, Valatka has been a household name and one of the most biting pens in the industry, hated by some and revered by others, but a force to be reckoned with. It therefore sent a wave of shock and surprise across the media industry when he was recently dismissed as editor-in-chief of 15min.lt, Lithuania’s second online news portal. […]