Secret tax plan – interest in giving up on one of the main promises is expressed

The Government has prepared a plan for tax reconstruction which was already presented to both the Peasant and Green Union and the social democrats on Wednesday, and will be presented to the public on Friday. […]


The government’s cunning plan to raise taxes

The majority is planning tax changes and states that they will not impact those in employment financially. For those earning by other means such as contracting or property sales, taxes may rise.It is currently regulated […]

Rasa Budbergytė

Lithuania’s new finance minister: Real estate and car taxes are coming sooner or later

Rasa Budbergytė, Lithuania’s former representative at the European Court of Auditors, has been appointed as the country’s new finance minister.

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Lithuanian ‘needs to reduce taxes on labour’

“As far as the taxation of labour goes even though the income tax rate is not high – at 15%, the actual tax burden, including social security contributions is about 55%,” said Fidexperta founder Rūta […]