Head of the gallery Jurgita Juospaitytė-Bitinienė

Director of Rooster Gallery: Interest in art is on the rise in Lithuania

The Rooster Gallery, the first mobile gallery that was established in Lithuania ten years ago, started its activity with minimum resources, without a concrete exhibition space, and had to look for a new space each time when it held an exhibition. Today, the gallery can take pride in its significant achievements both on the Lithuanian and international art scene. Head of the gallery Jurgita Juospaitytė-Bitinienė currently works with the most interesting Lithuanian painters of the young generation whose work is already known in the international context. […]

Viktoras Butkus

Construction on Modern Art Centre begins in Vilnius

The construction of the Modern Art Centre in place of the demolished Lietuva Cinema in Vilnius formally got underway on Wednesday. […]