Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin’s pyramid of rule: Who really governs Russia?

In Lithuania and in the West, Putin’s system of rule is still often described as a monolith pyramid. In the eyes of society, Putin manages to present himself as an irreplaceable leader-statesman (‘tsar’, according to the West), solely making key decisions. But such an understanding of ruling processes in Russia is one of the main mistakes which prevents from obtaining a deeper insight into the regime’s origins and foundations. […]

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Opinion: Can Putin survive?

There is a general view that Vladimir Putin governs the Russian Federation as a dictator, that he has defeated and intimidated his opponents and that he has marshaled a powerful threat to surrounding countries. This is a reasonable view, but perhaps it should be re-evaluated in the context of recent events. […]

The Kremlin, Moscow

Opinion: Ukraine’s success threatens Russian idea of exclusivity

While Ukraine is spreading joyful news about liberating settlements during new anti-terrorist operations, the Russian plan to turn this country divided into mutually confronting parts into the territory of chaos is collapsing. […]

Romas Sadauskas-Kvietkevičius

Opinion: Let’s not rush to equate referendum supporters with enemies of state

Since a week ago, welcoming political maturity in our state, I wrote that one of the evidence thereof would become an unsuccessful referendum on the restriction of right to dispose of property and other stupid questions, now I could feel like the Old Testament prophet who sent the knowledge to his people received from the above. Moreover, I do not need to shave the beard which I promised to donate publicly in the social network Facebook in case of referendum success. […]

Dalia Leinartė

Shall we live in a Eurasian empire of woman haters?

Vladimir Putin, Russian politicians and some intellectuals keep talking about the “Russian world” and readiness of the country’s armed forces to defend the Russian population in any country. It is worth remembering that before the Bosnian war (1992-1995) and the mass killings of Bosnian Muslims and Croats, Radovan Karadžić also spoke of Serbia’s interests not only in countries with the Serb minority, but also in those with only Serbian graves […]

Moscow, Russia

90 Lithuanians have moved to Russia with compatriot programme since 2007

Some 90 people have willingly relocated from Lithuania to Russia under the compatriot program over the past seven years, reported daily Lietuvos Žinios. […]