Faina Kukliansky

Lithuanian officials ‘need history lessons’, says Jewish community leader

The Lithuanian Jewish community criticized Lithuania’s migration officials for refusing citizenship to Litvaks, Jews of Lithuanian descent, who left the country in the interwar period. […]


Grave robbers dig up WWI and WWII German graves in Lithuania

Grave robbers dug up two burial sites in Lithuania in search of military memorabilia from the two world wars, Lzinios.lt reports. […]

No Picture

Lithuanian prosecutors start to investigate alleged Holocaust perpetrators on list

Lithuania’s Prosecutor General’s Office said Thursday it would investigate a list of about 2,000 Lithuanians who may have taken part in the killing of Jews in Lithuania during World War Two. The list was compiled by the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre in Lithuania. […]

Rūta Vanagaitė

Author explores Holocaust in Lithuania: ‘Our own boys used to go shooting people after school’

Author Rūta Vanagaitė recently presented a book, “Our Own”, about the Holocaust in Lithuania. Although historians have been researching the topic for years, the Lithuanian society has yet to realize and acknowledge the part their compatriots, ordinary Lithuanians, played in the mass killings of Jews, Vanagaitė says. […]