The January 13 trial process – a Nurnberg Tribunal for communists

Karolis Jovaiša, DELFI

Similarly to the Nurnberg Tribunal, the January 13 trial process is more of a political than a legal act. It is a small step toward unveiling the communist regime’s crimes to humanity, but a major step in recognising the regime as criminal.

Indeed, in history it was only the Kremlin that had the perverse habit of strangling its “friends” in its brotherly embrace and force them to sing the Ode of Joy that they never breathed so freely.

In this respect, the Vilnius process has ripped off the communist mask of morality and unveiled the real face of the “saviours”, distorted in a monstrous grimace. Publicists have unmasked the bloody monster acting out the role of a humanist a long time ago, but jurists have made an accusatory ruling only now.

Decide yourselves: all countries in the world combined faced less casualties in two world wars than nations in the Soviet Union from Bolshevik rule. Regardless of this, in the Nurnberg Tribunal, the Bolsheviks were the accusers and judges, who nailed Nazi ideology to a pole of shame.

Such irony of fate! The world was saved from the Brown Plague by the Red Cholera, which immediately donned the mantle of a judge. And it came, however sacrilegious this may sound, to judge both the living and dead. What a mockery of unbiased court process!

One hell spawn judges another under the rights of the victor. Unlike the Nurnberg Tribunal, the process in the January 13 trial is objective, unbiassed and has a firm legal basis. Regardless only two of the 67 accused being present at trial and the rest being tried in absentia, feeling safe and having fulfilled their duty.

The political significance of the January 13 trial is that it sought not revenge, blood or real punishments upon the perpetrators, but to implement the ideas of requital and justice, the condemnation of the inhumane and bloodthirsty communist regime. This trial is no less significant even if outside of former soviet Minister of Defence Dmitry Yazov, the military servicemen being tried were simply executors.

They, as Kremlin outlets claim, performed their duty and were faithful to their oath. A justified question arises: why then not award these dutiful soldiers and excellent officers with state awards? Together with the remaining living NKVD executioners and sadists of course. The January 13 trial is no less significant even because Mikhail Gorbachev avoided accountability and without his blessing the whole bloody meat grinder would not have been possible. He could not be reached by the court because the Kremlin’s response to extradition demands would simply be mockery and scorn.

It matters not that the Kremlin despise M. Gorbachev, who it blames for the “greatest catastrophe of the 20th century” – the fall of the Soviet Union. What matters is that the Kremlin brusquely and arrogantly denies the blame of its spiritually close communist regime. It is unsurprising how Kremlin propaganda outlets, choking on blind hatred and hysteria attacks, spit poisonous saliva, how supposedly a microscopic country dares enact a process that raises associations with the Nurnberg Tribunal.

At the same time, they accuse others of massacres, in this specific case the Lithuanians. In respect to the easily predictable Kremlin reaction, we should be surprised we are still able to be surprised. For example, regarding how Russian law enforcement has started a case against the judges and prosecutors working on the January 13 trial, how supposedly they have knowingly charged innocent individuals. Why are we surprised, what do we want?

For the Kremlin to admit its blame for the murdered and crippled people and submissively ask forgiveness? That pathological liars, arrogantly denying their fault and ignoring obvious proof would open up as if during confession? However! The question is not whether the Kremlin is lying or whether it is lying even more arrogantly than the virtuosos of lies and black technologies – the Bolsheviks. Not only would the latter simply deny their misdeeds, but they would also mask them. Thoroughly and not without fantasy they would falsify evidence. For example, on November 17, 1941, Stalin released a secret order Nr. 0428, which legalised scorched earth tactics, which included the burning and destruction of settlements in enemy occupied areas. This “noble” task went to saboteurs dressed in trophy Wehrmacht and SS uniforms.

The aforementioned order particularly emphasised, “Attention must be paid that upon enacting the penal expeditions, witnesses would remain to report on the fascist’s brutality. This will foster hatred against the fascist occupiers and ease partisan resistance.” Do you see the difference? Stalin was not content that solely the saboteurs would testify of the fascists’ brutality, which they themselves committed. No, he made sure that the horrors would be known of, so that confused, but nonetheless witnesses, whose hands were not stained by blood, would know.

What is the Kremlin doing today? It operates based on primitive and cynical political gangster logic, based on which the main witnesses in a case of crimes against humanity are murderers and sadists themselves. Supposedly they are slandered peace doves, while the real culprits are the victims themselves. In the context of absolute lies shamelessly distorting the events of January 13, the classic claim of “it was friendly fire” starts to sound rather domestic.

Especially when the mistaken view dominates that supposedly the author of these lunacies is the grandson of the red figure, who took Stalin’s sun into Lithuania. No. Algirdas Paleckis, who earned Judas’ silver pieces, is simply a dressed-up parrot and outlet, who declared the Kremlin’s poisonous message to the city and the world.

The fighter for a just socialist people’s Lithuania is a useful idiot for the Kremlin because he forms the image that it is our own unmasking our own. However, how can you fool the nation and the world if tens of thousands of people bore witness to those horrors and you have the most trustworthy witnesses – audio and video recordings? How do you force millions of television viewers to believe that they became the hostages of their own illusions, that they watched a distorted view in real time – things that were not? How do you achieve that soldiers, who crippled and killed unarmed civilians would be seen as good Samaritans, while peaceful civilians – murderers? How do you make the world believe that it was not tanks and APCs that crushed people, but aggressive nationalists using their own cars? How do you fool the rotten Western world that in order to discredit the troops, hitmen took not only the defenders of the Television Tower to the morgues, but also relatively “fresh” corpses – the victims of violent crimes and traffic accidents from across Lithuania?

The Kremlin understands the core of the problem well, thus it uses demagoguery to deny crimes against humanity and grants collaborators the role of trained parrots. A. Paleckis is a horribly primitive, well fed by the Kremlin parrot, which repeats poisonous words, which the trainer drilled into the parrot’s head.

The January 13 trial has recorded testimonies from Russian soldiers that they gave just months after the bloody events. Since they were questioned by Russian Federation military prosecution interrogators, not those from Lithuania, this circumstance leaves a clear mark on the testimonies. It is clear what result can be achieved through well-rehearsed questioning, where you only have mafiosos operating based on their mafia bosses’ instructions questioning one another.

The core of this is that the victim is described as the executioner and the executioner – as the victim. History keeps on repeating as a horrible farce – the bloody Stalin regime long viewed itself as an outpost of civilization and humanism, while its victims – beasts in the shape of humans. Treading the same path, Moscow views the defenders of the Television Tower as drunk and animalistic nationalists. Based on this logic, the real criminals are unarmed Lithuanians, who attacked the well-armed soldiers.

Meanwhile, the troops were forced to defend themselves with rifle butts and rounds out of their Kalashnikovs against aggressive and drunk hitmen, who sought to disarm them. Oh, if such rationale would have entered the minds of the Jew killers! They would have rushed to claim that apparently, they only shot the Jews so that they would not take their guns and shoot them instead. Also, so that they would not defile and rape their women, would not take over and sell of their property.

However! The red “Munchausens” are much more creative than the Jew killers. Soldiers given detailed instruction gave testimony that it was not them that shot into the crowd, but hitmen on nearby rooftops. This absurd lie is not self-intended, but also a means to justify the Kremlin’s version that supposedly Soviet troops were peace doves protecting Lithuania from ethnic massacres and the horrors of civil war.

The January 13 trial shows once again that the arrogant and cynical Kremlin propaganda is a nine headed hydra, where once one head is cut off, two grow back. It appears that we will leave Russian lies just as cynical and horrible as we found them. Nevertheless, the glacier of Absolute lies is breaking apart – for the first time in history, the communist regime is denounced not only morally, but also recognised as criminal in court. Thus, the Red Lucifer has been identified and named. Legally. Just because of this, the January 13 trial process has an important symbolic meaning. Legal and political.

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