US election result could bring ‘unexpected changes for Lithuania’

Donald Trump

“I am concerned about the protest votes from the left and the right. If the elections are not won by the Americans we are used to, we may lose the current support for Lithuania. The probability is overwhelming,” said the former ambassador.

“We cannot live for free thinking that others have to protect and pay for our future. It will not be that way because America is changing,” he said.

“I am ringing the alarm bells but I do not know whether the current [Lithuanian] elite will take into account the situation, but we have to consider a backup option. It means that we have to patch all the holes, and there are many of them – in the military, education system, energy, the attitude towards a person, taxes,” he said.

Pavilionis said he believed Ted Cruz could still overcome Donald Trump in the Republican race for the nomination if Republicans united around a candidate.

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