Watch videos of stunning Lithuanian countryside and landmarks captured by drone filmmaker

Pažaislis Monastery near Kaunas, Lithuania
Robertas Račkauskas

His soothing videos, which he shoots during his free time, will be especially interesting for people who don’t venture out of Vilnius much, as many of them include breathtaking sights in Kaunas, along the Nemunas river, or along the Baltic coast. They are an aerial trip above some of the most beautiful parts of Lithuania.

Račkauskas said he has been interested in photography and video for a long time, but that the first videos he saw produced by foreign drone video experts left an “indelible” mark on him. “I understood that I had to try it. A year later, I began filming using an unmanned drone and decided to perfect my skills in this field by creating videos that would stand out for their extraordinary sights and high quality,” he told the Lithuania Tribune.

“Choosing a subject to film isn’t hard. The hardest thing is waiting for the right time (weather conditions, lighting, etc.),” the drone pilot said. “When choosing a location, you have to imagine how it would look from above. Therefore, you can’t focus on small, hard-to-see objects. Many places are interesting on their own and worth capturing – the most important thing is being able to see that.”

Račkauskas said he tries to shoot wherever he goes, but that this can me more difficult abroad depending on the laws regarding filming with unmanned aerial drones. “Lithuania, of course, has many beautiful places which I simply must see and show.”

A couple of his videos are available below, and more can be seen on his Youtube channel.

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