Laisvės al. 55, for sale

KTU will organise public auctions for 5 buildings in Kaunas centre

Lithuanian Government has permitted Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) to sell 5 more unused real estate objects in Kaunas city centre. The buildings, which belong to the State and are being held in trust by the University, will be sold in public auctions. The first of the auctions is planned in October 2018. The funds will be invested into improving study infrastructure. […]

Kaunas Airport

Kaunas Airport celebrating the first week – concerns over the airport were baseless

No traffic jams, panic, tension or major misunderstandings. This is how the week passed in Karmėlava (Kaunas) Airport which is temporarily handling flights redirected from the currently being reconstructed Vilnius Airport, the leaders of Kaunas […]

Kaunas old town

Value of Kaunas’ modernism lies in city’s spirit, not only in buildings – UNESCO expert

A UNESCO expert says that the value of Kaunas‘ modernism, which Lithuania want to be recognized as a World Heritage site, lies not only in its buildings, but also in the spirit of the city. […]

Kaunas Requiem by the International Centre for Litvak Photography

Week of Jewish Commemoration at New Šančiai Synagogue in Kaunas

Kaunas —Saturday marked the opening of a weeklong public program at the New Šančiai Synagogue in Kaunas, Lithuania, commemorating of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the beginning of the Holocaust in Lithuania. Organised by the International Centre for Litvak Photography, or IC4LP, the program is the launch and first instalment of a long-term artistic activity called the Kaunas Requiem, which involves the composition of an experimental music-based artwork that is proposed to run for a duration of seventy-five years. The program also offers the public an opportunity to engage with two of the centre’s ongoing remembrance projects on the theme of the lost Jewish culture of Kaunas and its surrounds, one photographic and one architectural. […]

No Picture

Summer waves of students begin shaping Kaunas real estate market

The Lithuanian summer has seen growing activity in the apartment rental market.

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