Arvydas Sabonis

Sabonis reelected as head of Lithuanian Basketball Federation

Arvydas Sabonis, the legendary basketball center, has been reelected to head the Lithuanian Basketball Federation for another term. […]


New real estate trends in Kaunas mirror Vilnius real estate market

Real estate experts claim that more and more people in Kaunas are moving from the suburbs to the city’s centre, a trend that previously had only been seen in Vilnius. In the beginning of the […]

No Picture

No escape for speed limit breaches with new laser speed meters in Kaunas

New laser speed meters were introduced by Kaunas Municipality Traffic Safety Commission members and police officers. […]

A stork in its nest

Watch a live feed of this stork family that just returned to Lithuania from Africa

If you’re feeling pangs of longing for Lithuania’s historic cities and beautiful countryside, there’s a site that invites visitors to view live feeds from various points of interest throughout the country. Now that spring is coming in Lithuania, arguably the most popular feed out of those available – a stork family’s nest in the village of Naisiai – has livened up once again now that the family has moved back in. […]

Giant Easter egg in Kaunas

Giant electric Easter eggs spring up in Kaunas

Two Easter eggs of impressive size have appeared in central Kaunas as the city prepares for celebrations this weekend. […]