Kaunas ‘has potential for military and water tourism’

“If you look around, you will always find something that interests you. That can be culture – exhibitions, the Pažaislis festival, or the aviation celebration, bike rides – there will be a bike path through the forts,” said Daubaras.

He also said that Kaunas falls in line with some of today’s more popular tourism trends. “There is a strong global trend towards military tourism. If we were to manage to attract those tourists, it would be a great achievement for us that would bring money and benefits to Kaunas. We’ve begun to use water tourism as well. There are some permanent routes. Every weekday you can ride along the Nemunas, and on weekends you can take the Nemunas to Raudondvaris or Kačerginė, and you can cross the Kaunas reservoir to the Lithuanian open air museum or to Birštonas,” he added.

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