What do Lithuanians make of Brexit?

British voters voted 52% to 48% to leave the EU in the referendum last June. England and Wales voted overwhelmingly for Brexit, while voters in Scotland and Northern Ireland preferred staying in the EU.

A survey conducted in Lithuania on July 1-14 by Baltijos Tyrimai suggests that most Lithuanians disapprove of the referendum results.

Twenty-two percent of the respondents said they had a very negative opinion about the Brexit results, another 40% viewed them somewhat negatively.

Seventeen percent of Lithuanians gave a rather positive position on Brexit and 5% completely agreed with British voters. Sixteen percent had no opinion.

Every fourth Lithuanian also said they had at least one family member living in the UK. Almost two thirds, 65%, said they had friends or acquaintances living in the UK.

In the same survey, 72% of the respondents said they were positive about the European Union (14% were very positive, and 58% somewhat positive), while 22% had a negative view.

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