Why did Darius Raulušaitis withdraw from the Prosecutor General’s Office?

Darius Raulušaitis
DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

In a comment on Darius Raulušatis’ withdrawal from the General Prosecutor’s Office, Julius Rėksnys, the chairman of the prosecutors’ trade union, told Žinių Radijas that it should be remembered that D. Raulušaitis was a a supporter of former Prosecutor Generals Darius Valys.

Mr. Rėksnys said that “The unsuccessful reform that was implemented was supported by D. Raulušaitis. If he had not supported it, maybe it would not have been implemented. I would think, from my own personal position, that the general prosecutor‘s and deputy’s posts are more political posts, more of a political responsibility. If something can not be implemented, they must assume political responsibility and step down.”

Opposition leader and conservative politician Andrius Kubilius said that “without a doubt, the General Prosecutor’s Office became a hostage of the ruling majority‘s political ambitions. While the parliament could not confirm the new Prosecutor General, D. Raulušaitis must have certainly had a difficult job.”

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