Why Lithuania paid more for its Javelin missiles than Estonia

Juozas Olekas at a flag ceremony
DELFI / Orestas Gurevičius

According to Lietuvos Žinios, Lithuania paid USD $55 million for 220 Javelin rockets and 74 launchers, while Estonia received 350 rockets and 120 launchers for the same price.

According to Minister of Defence Juozas Olekas, however, the difference might be in the make and model: “They acquired rockets that we already had in 2001. We extended our contract by acquiring renewed modern systems. We believe that it is somewhat more effective to get a few less rockets but to have the newest technology available, which would be able to destroy enemy equipment more accurately and effectively,” he said.

Weapons expert ret. Maj. Darius Antanaitis claimed that comparing Lithuania and Estonia’s purchases would be difficult, because the information published about such purchases is often incomplete, and that such deals are often broader than they might seem.

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