You cannot stop change despite all attempts to do so

Ramūnas Karbauskis
DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

It is obvious that our efforts to reform the alcohol control system, to make the pharmacy sector more transparent, our intentions to reduce the state governance apparatus, rein in corruption and so on are the real reasons why there have been attempts to blemish my reputation and detract from urgent work. Massive interests have been touched upon. I have been elected to serve the people and I will do so despite all attempts to obstruct it.

The information released to the public that in my property declaration I have not specified all the real estate I own in Spain is completely incorrect.

Yes, mistakes occur, but they are neither intentional, nor malicious. I am thankful to the journalists who identified a mistake in my declaration, true I had not declared the bank loan taken for the construction of a house in Spain. However I would like to stress that this does not create any tax commitments to the state and the declaration has already been amended.

No company that I have stocks in has ever sold, sells or will sell alcohol. A company has been established in Spain that I am a stockholder of, it does not have a permit for economic activity such as alcohol sales, it has never had such a permit and there have never been any applications made to relevant state institutions to obtain such a permit. That the company was registered in Spain sixteen years ago and the Spanish founder entered the sale of alcohol into the company’s bylaws as one of its activities does not mean that there was, is or will be any real intention to do so. This is confirmed by the past sixteen years – the company has never purchased or sold a drop of alcohol.

I am forced to explain myself for many things that are simply a product of interpretation and slander. I will not get embroiled in this game. If there are any suspicions or accusations, those interested should refer to the relevant institutions.

I am sorry that the public is being fed such information about my home, my business, my family and such. One can only hope that the future work beginning, accomplishing the promises given to the people will be the best answer to all questions.

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