Estonian Ambassador Jana Vanaveski   Photo © Ludo Segers @ The Lithuania Tribune

The Independence as a gas market swing supplier

What a difference one ship makes in combination with shifts in production in less than 3 years. It took a bit longer to get from complete reliance on a Russian-controlled energy-monopoly to a competitive market with increased security and interconnectivity. However, the presence of the Independence LNG floating facility in Klaipėda and the return of the USA as an energy independent country and exporter changed dramatically the supply and prices in the gas market. […]

Panel disussion at the  Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Vilnius

Mergers & acquisitions in Lithuania at slow pace in 2015

Global M&A activity grew to record levels in 2015, fuelled by some mega mergers in the pharmaceutical, energy and consumer industries. Lithuania bucked the trend with less consolidation and acquisitions than in the previous year and stood out as the least active in the corporate bond market. The findings on global and regional performance were presented by several industry experts at an event of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday. […]

Robertas Juodka

Estonian Chamber of Commerce chair: Lithuania able to support its own energy needs

Speaking at the annual ‘Traditional and Renewable Energy Forum’ on 13 May in Vilnius, Lithuania, event organizer and Chairman of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce, Robert Juodka, told the Lithuania Tribune he believes the Lithuania is now able to support its own energy needs. […]