Vytautas Sinica

Vytautas Sinica. Euro federalism is eroding the European Union

Compared to Lithuania, no other state better understood the fact that membership in the EU and NATO – especially NATO – was (and still is) essential to the country’s long-term survival and the assurance of national interests. It was this goal of achieving the membership that motivated and led Lithuania forward during its first decade of independence. Lithuania always associated NATO with safety and EU with welfare and benefits – and, sadly, better governance as well. […]

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Contribution of volunteers to the budget of Lithuania – even 7.4%

Celebrating the International Volunteer Day we are pleased to announce that more people in Lithuania are dedicating their time for volunteering. Congratulations to every citizen for such a conscious choice, which adds value to the various non-profit organizations, raises the social capital of the individual, and also contributes to the state budget, a press release from the Non-Governmental Organizations Information and Support Centre states. […]

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Half of Lithuanians are not physically active – Eurobarometer

Half of people in Lithuania are not physically active, a 2017 Eurobarometer survey has revealed. […]

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Celebrating March 11: unique Lithuanian patriotism

The Lithuanian people view themselves as patriots, are particularly proud of their forefathers’ land and its rich history, public opinion researchers say. However we have certain unique features which make Lithuanian patriotism unique even compared […]


Lithuanian residents face less corruption – Eurobarometer

Although residents of Lithuania still think that many areas in the country are badly affected by corruption, the past few years marked a significant decline in the number of cases they faced corruption, shows the latest Eurobarometer survey. […]

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European Union

What do Lithuanians and Europeans think about the EU?

European Union citizens think that the biggest problems in Europe right now are immigration and terrorism, while Lithuanians are more worried about issues closer at home, like unemployment and rising prices, says sociologist Vladas Gaidys commenting on the results of a recent Eurobarometer survey.

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