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Lithuania ranks 12th in EU on education spending level

Lithuania spends a higher proportion of its GDP on education than the EU average, ranking 12th among all 28 member states, according to the latest Eurostat figures released on Monday. […]

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Lithuania #1 among Baltic States by number of tourist overnight stays

Tourists spend more nights in Lithuania than in Latvia or Estonia. According to EUROSTAT, the official statistical office of the European Union, in 2016 the number of overnight stays of tourists (local as well as foreign) who stayed in Lithuanian accommodation establishments, including rural tourism, was the largest in the Baltic states and comprised 7 million, while in Estonia and Latvia this number amounted to 6.2 million and 4.4 million respectively, the State Department of Tourism reported in a press release.

announced in a press release. […]

At the Vilnius Social Benefits Centre

Lithuania’s spending on social security among EU’s lowest

The Lithuanian government’s spending on social security was one of the lowest among all 28 members of the European Union (EU) in 2015, Eurostat said on Monday. […]

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Lithuanian e-commerce growing but lagging behind neighbours

From January to May, the number of mail or internet orders in Lithuania increased by 34.9% compared to the same period in 2015. E-commerce is opening more and more local and international opportunities for the country’s small- and medium-sized businesses. […]


Ministry of Finance projects balanced budget in 2017

Lithuania’s Ministry of Finance hopes for balanced public finances in 2017 and intends to run up a surplus in 2018. The Ministry of Finance announced these projections in the Lithuanian Stability 2016 annual program that […]