Skvernelis companions' scheme

Skvernelis’ real team: increasingly more companions in important posts

There is nothing wrong to enlist the aid of tried and tested companions after taking a high post. Questions do arise, however, when individuals who recently worked in law enforcement structures and have not passed […]

No Picture

Surfacing state owned company privatisation plan raises concerns

A special government workgroup has been preparing proposals over the privatisation of certain state owned companies, Delfi found. For example there are plans to sell a third of Lietuvos Energija [Lithuanian Energy], Lietuvos Geležinkeliai [Lithuanian […]

Milda Dargužaitė

Government’s Office to scrap 1 in 5 positions

About a fifth of positions in the Lithuanian government should be discarded, the government’s press service said on Monday. […]

Milda Dargužaitė

Dargužaitė’s aims – lower governance costs and staffing reduction

“I definitely would not have taken this position had it just been for maintaining the bureaucracy. I am definitely not the most suitable person for that. I am entering from outside in order to make changes. The most important reforms we have in mind are increasing the effectiveness of institutions, the review of work processes and the implementation of the Lean system into the state sector, which would increase work effectiveness. […]

Milda Dargužaitė

Milda Dargužaitė appointed to head Barclays centre in Vilnius

Milda Dargužaitė, former managing director of Invest Lithuania, the government’s foreign investment promotion agency, has been appointed to head Barclays Technology Centre Lithuania (BTCL). […]