Refugee camp in Greece

A Syrian refugee in Lithuania: His story, Syria’s story (III)

Redwan Eid, is a Syrian journalist and refugee who had to flee his war-torn homeland and is now one of the first refugees Lithuania has accepted into the country. Here is his story. […]

European Union

Over 1,000 refugees to come to Lithuania within one year

With the EU’s resettlement programme having reached its midway point, Lithuania faces the challenge of taking in more than a thousand refugees from the Middle East within slightly more than a year and successfully integrating them into the society.

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Vydas Gedvilas

Lithuania’s ruling parties to sign declaration criticizing ‘forced’ EU refugee resettlement

Lithuania’s ruling parties are signing a joint declaration on Friday, criticizing the European Union‘s refugee policies. […]

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‘People thought Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler weren’t real refugees either’

The latest wave of refugees and migrants to Europe has barely touched Lithuania, and only 11 have been relocated to Lithuania out of its total quota of 1,105. However, many people have expressed a number of unclear fears about the migrants and refugees and seem to lack solidarity with Western Europe, which has received the most refugees and migrants, according to Eglė Verseckaitė, a professor at the University of Management and Economics (ISM). […]

Dalia Grybauskaitė, Klaus Iohannis
European Union

Penalties ‘don’t solve anything’ in refugee crisis – Romanian president

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has criticized the European Commission’s (EC) proposal to penalize countries that refuse to take in migrants. Sanctions do not help solve anything, Iohannis said on Wednesday in Vilnius. […]