1 in 10 Lithuanians feel positive financial changes, survey shows

According to the survey commissioned by news agency ELTA and carried out on 19-26 March by pollster Baltijos Tyrimai, 10 percent of respondents claimed that their the financial situation of their household had improved in the last two months, the exact same number as in January’s survey. However, 36 percent said it had worsened (down by 5 percent) while 53 percent said it had not changed (up by 6 percent).

As regards Lithuania’s economic performance, 11 percent of the polled in March said it had improved over the last two months, down by 5 percent since January. 35 percent claimed Lithuania’s economic situation had worsened (down by 1 percent) and 50 percent said it had not changed (up by 5 percent).

More often dissatisfied with their own financial situation and that of the country were people over 50 years of age, residents of rural areas and small towns, respondents with the lowest household income (up to EUR 450 per month), pensioners and the unemployed, respondents of Russian and Polish ethnicity and left-wing voters.

Whereas people under 30 years of age, residents of bigger cities and respondents with university degrees were more likely to say that economic condition improved.

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