Lithuania considers introducing military education at school

Elective military education classes should be introduced in Lithuanian schools next year, the country’s Education and Science Minister Dainius Pavalkis says. […]

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NATO jets in Lithuania alerted by Russian planes over Baltic sea

The Italian Typhoon fighter jets, stationed in the Lithuanian northern city of Šiauliai as part of NATO’s Baltic air policing mission, were on Wednesday scrambled to accompany two Russian military transport aircraft flying over the Baltic Sea. […]

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Conscription needed to fill army vacancies fast and less costly, Lithuanian president says

The restoration of military conscription has been proposed because it is the only quick way to form army units, says Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė. Besides, she adds, conscripts would cost less than training professionals. […]

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Opinion: Putin will not stop on his own

Vladimir Putin will not stop by himself, he needs to be stopped. And if he has no intention of stopping, there shouldn’t even be a mention of retreating. […]