Lithuanian PM is against military conscription of women

DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

The prime minister says he is a supporter of a professional military, which is why conscription will be reinstated just for a five-year period in response to tense geopolitical situation in the region and shortage of professional soldiers.

According to Butkevičius, it was decided to select conscripts randomly because in the past young people were avoiding military service. “The chief of defence and the minister of defence were clearly told that such practice is unacceptable,” Butkevičius told the radio Žinių Radijas.

If the State Defence Council‘s decision to reinstate conscription is approved by parliament, then 3,500 men will be drafted for nine-month service in 2015. Preference is given to volunteers, then men aged 19-26 will be randomly chosen as well as university graduates under 38 years.

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