State Security Department

State Security Department launches confidential hotline

The Lithuanian State Security Department announced on Thursday the launch of a confidential hotline and the start of a public awareness campaign. […]

MP Jaroslaw Kazcynski

Beniušis. Will Karbauskis follow in Kaczynski’s steps?

When I go abroad I like to have a chat with taxi drivers – they help better understand the moods of the public. A young taxi driver I met in Warsaw in May this year cursed “I’m emigrating in a month to Norway with my family and won’t return until Jaroslaw Kaczynski is behind bars.” This is how he evaluated the work of the Poland‘s majority government leader. I was reminded of this story when some “Facebook friends,” who are Conservative/Liberal voters from Vilnius spoke of emigration if Ramūnas Karbauskis’ “Peasant Greens” enter government. Karbauskis himself states that the fight with emigration will be his greatest priority Vaidas Beniušis writes in BNS. […]

Saulius Skvernelis, Ramūnas Karbauskis, Dalia Grybauskaitė

President vows to put no pressure on Peasants over coalition partners

President Dalia Grybauskaitė says that she will not put any pressure on the Lithuanian Peasant and Green Union (LPGU), the party that won the most seats in the recent parliamentary elections, over ruling coalition partners. […]

Vilnius Tech Park

Boosting local startups globally at Vilnius Tech Park

Startup Lithuania, a team of Enterprise Lithuania, a government agency to assist startups in Lithuania, relocates to the biggest startup hub in the Baltics and Nordics, soon to be launched in Vilnius. The decision to move part of the government agency closer to startups themselves clearly represents Lithuania’s aim to emerge as the leading startup-friendly ecosystem in the Baltic region. […]

The Seimas

Faces we won’t see in the new Seimas

On October 23 voters closed the door on a number of political old guard, the hopes of many who wished to keep their membership in Seimas were broken. The moods of those who failed to be re-elected vary – some intend to savour their freedom, some intend to seek work or spend time with their families. In total there will be 82 new faces in Seimas, 5 of them returning after a break. 59 members of Seimas were re-elected, but a large number of the old guard will be gone. […]