Algimantas Rimkūnas
Foreign affairs

Lithuanian ambassador to Sweden gets longer term regardless of pension age

Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaitė this week signed a decree allowing Ambassador to Sweden Algimantas Rimkūnas who will soon reach retirement age to continue in the position for another two years. […]

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Education and patriotic upbringing for women in the Age of Enlightenment

Women of the early modern period, even those from the privileged estates, could not enjoy full civil rights in their countries. Their activity was very often limited by the private space of her house and a woman was seen as a wife, mother and a housewife. Simultaneously, the modern period signified the beginning of core changes as the ideas of the day, particularly in relation to women’s position in the society, resonated throughout Europe, down to the farthermost corners of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. […]


Lithuanian court acquits central bank’s official who monitored bankrupt Snoras

Kazimieras Ramonas, a former supervisor of commercial banks and the Snoras bank that is currently bankrupt, has been acquitted on all charges. […]

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Certain political powers in Lithuania are playing and will continue to play the Russian card

Can the coming year bring change to the EU and Lithuanian relations with Moscow? Are we right to say that the threat posed by Russia is the most relevant? Lietuvos Žinios discussed these and other […]

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Two apply for job of director of Lithuania’s centralized defence procurement agency

Two candidates filed their application for the job of director at Lithuania’s centralized defence system procurement agency by the deadline on Wednesday afternoon. […]