439,500 people emigrated from Lithuania in 2004-2013

Lithuania stands out among other EU Member States in the extent of emigration. Based on the data of Statistics Lithuania, 439,500 people emigrated from and 107,200 immigrated to Lithuania in 2004-2013.

Based on the data from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, in 2013 net migration per 1,000 residents was negative in 13 Member States. The figure was the highest in Cyprus, Latvia and Lithuania.

Last year 60.2 percent of emigrants were aged 20-39, while in 2004, 50.6 percent. In 2013, 81.8 percent of working age people had not worked for a year or longer before emigrating.

85,400 Lithuanian citizens returned in 2004-2013. 33,700 or 39.4 percent of them returned from the United Kingdom.

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