5% of hacker attacks threaten Lithuania’s national security

Cyber attack simulation
DELFI / Karolina Pansevič

In the framework of Lithuania’s first national cyber exercise Cyber Shield 2016, over 100 specialists from more than 40 of the country’s institutions learned to respond to emerging cyber threats and coordinate their work in the face of cyber attacks. The week-long exercise involved over 30 scenarios, for instance, simulation of a power blackout, blocking of websites during elections, etc. The exercise was held in a virtual infrastructure to avoid hardware damage.

In addition to specialists from the National Cyber Security Center, the police, prosecutor’s offices and the State Security Department, the exercise involved representatives of the Seimas, the government and the President’s Office, the Communications Regulatory Authority, the Vilnius University and the Kaunas University of Technology, as well as other agencies and institutions.

Cerniauskas said the exercise was aimed at enhancing cyber security capacities in Lithuanai, as well as planning of expenses for future managers of critical infrastructure, with the list to be approved shortly.

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