7 of 10 Lithuanians avoid health check-ups

However, 24 percent of people (17 percent of men and 30 percent of women) indicated to have regular health check-ups. Older people take care of their health the most, 36 percent of 60-74-year-olds said they undergo regular health checks. Whereas the youngest population, 15-19-year-olds, are the least concerned about their health.

“Although most Lithuanians avoid going to doctors, yet they use pharmacists’ services quite often. Around half of the polled indicated to visit a pharmacy at least once a month. Women, older people (50-74-year-olds) and residents of cities are frequent visitors of pharmacies. The most often purchased medicines are painkillers. 52 percent of respondents claimed to have bought painkillers in the last three months,” said head of TNS LT Media Project Department Justina Tauginienė.

Women buy every kind of medicines more often than men, they also rely homeopathic drugs more – as indicated by 37 percent of women. Meanwhile, only 19 percent of men trust in alternative medicines.

TNS Atlas survey was carried out in February-April 2014, 1,800 Lithuanian residents aged 15-74 were polled.

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