A new alternative financer launches operations in Lithuania

Dainius Vaičikonis

Following more than 17 years of experience in the business financing domain, Dainius Vaičikonis has founded the alternative financing company Finpro. The newly emerging company will offer factoring, business loans, as well as lease and long-term rent services.

“I have no doubt that the accumulated experience in holding various leadership positions across Lithuania’s major banks, alternative and non-banking service companies, as well as fintech companies, will allow Finpro to offer clients the most suitable alternative financing solutions. Our goal is that with our help, the leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises will be able to spend less time seeking financing and more time focusing on developing their businesses. We view our clients as partners whom we wish to assist, so that their businesses would grow faster. Thus, we will offer each client individual expert financing consultations and personalised, tailored offers,” the founder and head of Finpro, Mr Vaičikonis, says.

According to him, Finpro is already offering financing services in full, but its team is being expanded. Recent trends indicate that the banking business loan portfolio is decreasing in Lithuania, with small and medium-sized enterprises struggling to access traditional financing. There is a clear demand on the market for alternative borrowing services.

About Dainius Vaičikonis

For fifteen years, D. Vaičikonis has worked for banks operating in Lithuania. For a number of years, he was tasked with partners and leasing sales to business clients at the bank SEB. Later, he went on to head the DNB bank’s leasing department, also holding the position of board chairman and leading a leasing company established by the Luminor bank. From 2018, he continued his career in the alternative financing sector, where he held leadership positions as well as that of independent board member for alternative, non-banking service companies.

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