Calculating taxes

Many additional changes in the future tax reform

Due to the plans to transfer the employer social security contributions to the employee, the minimum wage and non-taxable income levels, tax rates will change. There are fears that these changes wouldn‘t reduce salaries for […]


Expats send money home via Post of Lithuania

Over the first half of this year, Lithuanians have received remittances from their expat friends or family members through Lietuvos Paštas (Post of Lithuania) from 128 countries. More than €1 million has reached Lithuania from […]

Protest rally near DNB headquarters

Investors sue Lithuanian bank over investments that may leave them homeless

Hundreds of small investors have sued Lithuania’s DNB bank after investment products they were sold went sour after the 2008 crash, forcing them to sell their homes they mortgaged to buy the bank’s investment products. […]

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Salaries in range of Lithuanian sectors catching up to competing countries

While the average monthly salary in Lithuania is still the lowest of comparable countries like Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic, wages in the IT, banking, retail sales and human resources fields are now […]