Lithuania’s banks boost profits despite low interest rates

The beginning of this year has been successful for Lithuania’s banking sector, with most banks reporting profit growth despite historically low interest rates. Finance expert Mantas Valužis said that the good results are surprising given […]


Why Lithuania’s tax system is increasing inequality

Lithuania’s taxation system is conducive to social inequality with a disproportionate burden falling on labour income, and taxes on capital half that of the European Union average, according to leading economists. […]

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Lithuania first in world to regulate peer to business lending

Lithuania is soon to become the first country in the world to regulate lending between enterprises and their customers. “There are many countries which have similar borrowing alternatives, but they do not have regulation. We […]


Decision on VAT cuts for food postponed

Lithuania’s ruling coalition has postponed a decision on cutting value-added tax (VAT) on basic food products until after the Finance Ministry estimates the measure’s impact of public finances. […]