Are Lithuania’s regions benefiting from economic growth?

Despite the Lithuanian economy growing for six consecutive years, the gap between regions in the country is not decreasing, according to the Swedbank Finance Institute’s annual comparative analysis of municipalities. “Along with economic exclusion, social […]


Negative interest forces SEB Bank to raise cash service prices

The Lithuanian branch of Sweden’s SEB Bank has announced that its clients will have to pay more for many of the services as of June. This way, the bank’s clients are to shoulder some of […]


Lithuanians could live for six months on savings

Lithuanians’ average savings in their bank accounts would allow them to survive for six months without receiving wages, according to a Nordea bank economist. […]

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Tax revenues ahead of projections so far

Lithuania’s central government and municipalities collected €1.132 billion in taxes over January-February 2016, exceeding the target by €25.1 million, or 2.3%, the Finance Ministry said. […]