Lithuania has potential to be ‘centre of digital currency’

Lithuania has the opportunity to become one of the leading crypto-financial centres in the world, said experts at the International Bitcoin Conference on Friday.

“I will dare say that Lithuania is among the top five of the world’s countries that are most favourable to bitcoin technologies. A small market means that you can make decisions and control experiments more quickly. Flexible and potential market, “said Ilja Laurs, the chairman of Nextury Ventures.

“There already is a sufficiently high concentration of both financial knowledge and professionals. So geography, infrastructure, specialists, consumers, a small country and the government’s favourable view towards the players put Lithuania among the top five,” said Laurs.

“If the regulatory regime is strong, Lithuania will not be attractive. If Lithuania gathered a group of experts and became the centre of a digital currency, a huge industry of new companies could emerge. In my view, this should lead to growth in GDP and living standards,” said Jonas Matonis, Bitcoin Foundation founder and director.

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