Additional bribery suspicions brought against MG Baltic vice-president

Raimondas Kurlianskis
DELFI / Mindaugas Ažušilis

The new suspicions are in connection to the episode involving the Labour Party’s MP Vytautas Gapšys.

Kurlianskis was previously suspected of bribing former leader of the Liberal Movement Eligijus Masiulis.

According to evidence available to the authorities, Kurlianskis allegedly directly approached Gapšys and gave him a €25,000 bribe in exchange for decisions favourable for MG Baltic. Gapšys was expected to use his influence with other members of the Labour Party and vote in a particular way in parliament.

According to a press release from the Prosecutor General’s Office, evidence suggests that the bribe could have been paid in the form of several mock deals.

The authorities suspect that it was done via a company authorized to represent the party’s interests in the broadcast of political advertisement on TV by way of granting a €10,000 discount in two TV channels owned by MG Baltic.

Another €15,000 could have been given via a possibly fake sponsorship contract between a public establishment and one of the group’s companies.

Investigators have searched Gapšys’ home and office at the parliament. He has been questioned as a special witness, a status given when there is evidence of a crime but suspicions cannot be brought. As an MP, Gapšys enjoys legal immunity that can only be lifted by the parliament.

Kurlianskis is also suspected of bribery, influence peddling and unlawful possession of a state secret. Prosecutors suspect him of paying a bribe of €106,000 to the then leader of the opposition Liberal Movement, Eligijus Masiulis.

Kurlianskis is chairman of the management board at the Laisvas ir Nepriklausomas Kanalas Group, the operator of several TV channels, and at Alfa Media, the operator of the news portal.

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